Alzheimer’s Association of Kenya

History and background

Alzheimer’s Association of Kenya (AAK) is a non-profit Alzheimer association that supports people with dementia and their families.  The association was registered in the year 2007 with most of the founding members being individuals who, affected by Alzheimer’s,   felt the need to come together and support others in a similar situation; especially care givers.  One such person was Elizabeth Kasimu, the current chair of the association, who was prompted to search for answers when her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. 

Aims of the association

Our primary aim is to support people with dementia and their care givers.

Our work


We conduct advocacy by Creating Public awareness for Alzheimers through:

  1. Newspapers- Articles on members’ experiences
  2. Television – Televised interviews with caregivers
  3. Brochures – Explaining the disease and services rendered by the Association (Translated in different local languages to reach different communities)
  4. Wrist bands to identify members and patients

Providing public education on Alzheimers

Target groups:

  • The police
  • Nurses
  • The general public ( via public transport)

We focus on educating on:

  • Signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s
  • Referral mechanisms/procedures

Support for caregivers

We offer support to caregivers by:

  • Encouraging and allowing them to talk about what they are going through
  • Assisting with counseling if required (for the caregivers)
  • Home visits for people with Alzheimer’s patients for moral support

Resource centre

We are developing a resource centre to provide more information about Alzheimer’s

Research and documentation

In collaboration with Africa Mental Health Foundation, we are engaged in research and documentation of Alzheimer’s in Kenya to inform policy and practice as well as advocate for the provision of services for the affected.

Africa Mental Health Foundation donates office space and supports all of AAK activities in Kenya.

To contact Alzheimer’s Association of Kenya:

Tel: 0723 471 096