Dr. Veronic Clair, MD, MSc, CCFP, FRCPC, PhD is a specialist in Public
Health and Preventive Medicine and a family physician working as an
addiction medicine consultant in Vancouver and currently pursuing a Micheal Smith Foundation for Health Research Post-Doctoral Fellowship on the Continuation of the Health Impact Assessment of eDATA K. Dr. Clair was the co-PI of eDATA K (which stands for the Computer-based Drug and Alcohol Training Assessment in Kenya), a project which include a developmental evaluation, a study on the knowledge, attitudes and skills of practitioner pre and post online learning, two RCT (one in public and one in private facilities) assessing the impact of ASSIST feedback versus ASSIST link brief intervention, and an implementation science study. She also completed the Canadian Addiction Medicine Research Fellowship with the Urban Health Research Initiative of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and the IMPART clinician fellowship on the intersection of gender, mental health and addiction.
She has practiced clinically for more than 12 years serving very vulnerable patients in the poorest neighborhoods of Vancouver. As part of her public health and preventive medicine practice, she has led the creation of several initiatives to improve access to primary care for those with mental health, addiction, HIV or hepatitis, to address health determinants, and chronic diseases as well as obesity and physical inactivity. Her PhD research focused on the intersection of public health and primary care to address health determinants in collaboration with other sectors.
In medical education, she has led several global health education and
community service learning initiatives. Dr. Clair held an IMPART clinician scholar award for 2014, and will start a post-doctoral fellow award in 2016.
Dr. Clair was awarded the 2009 Canadian College of Family Physician national early career award for her dedication, innovation, and leadership in her first five years in practice.