Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) provides support to promote successful recovery, community reintegration and improved quality of life for people living with a mental illness or mental health concerns. With increase in income through either entrepreneurship or employment, people who are predominantly exposed to various forms of stigma find an avenue to interact with communities and command recognition and respect.

liptik pic 1
Picture 1: Project participants learn about group savings using the Village Savings and Loan Model at the Kibera Woodley Clinic.
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Picture 2: A participant proudly shows off their Day 1 contributions to the group savings account.
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Picture 3: A sub-group business mentorship session by the project team for one sub-group based in Lindi, Kibera
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Picture 4: Dr. Abednego Musau, a medical officer working with AMHF conducting a mental health awareness session in Kibera