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Oct 17

Global MINDS Newsletter – Fall 2017

We are excited to share with you the inaugural issue of the Global MINDS Annual Newsletter! In this issue (online...

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Aug 17

Shaping Health – Case Study: Mental health in Makueni County, Kenya

This case study was conducted in Makueni County, Kenya, by Africa Mental Health Foundation (AMHF) between January and May 2017. It...

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Jan 17

Evaluating Maternal and Child Mental Health in Kenya

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Dec 16

Stories of Change – MH InnovationNetwork

How did innovators secure a new...

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Jun 16

Better care for patients with mental illness

By Mercy Oyaya Kenya has launched its very first mental health policy after 28 years of neglect. This is to ensure...

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Apr 16

The taboo of mental illness in Kenya

As people treat mental illness as a spiritual rather than a medical disorder, many victims go untreated. Click Here...

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Apr 16

Dr. Rebello’s Visit to Kenya

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Apr 16

Kenyan program recruits faith healers to help identify mentally ill

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