Africa Mental Health Foundation Success

Our Successes

We have developed custom infrastructure consisting of physical successfacilities, researchers and research support and management staff.  With 25 permanent staff and a further 25 field staff all working or supporting mental health research, we are one of the leading mental health research and advocacy institutions in the region.

We have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government of Kenya, between the National Ministry of Health and AMHF to conduct mental health research to inform policy and practice and have received recognition for our work by the National Senate.

We have successfully persuaded two County Governments in Kenya to allocate budget for mental health and psychosocial rehabilitation after we demonstrated to them the effectiveness of community-based interventions and interventions for school-based mental health. In one County, we have received, free of charge, office space in the offices of the Ministry of Education and an industrial space from the Ministry of Trade, Economic Planning & Industrialization and the Micro & Small Enterprises Authority to set up a social enterprise model for persons with mental illness and their families.

Most importantly, the impact of our work with individuals, families and communities has led to: reduced stigma towards mental illness; increased demand and access to mental health services; improved health and social outcomes for patients including improved social integration and economic empowerment; increased health worker capacity to screen, identify, treat and manage mental illnesses and substance use disorders; and renewed commitment by community leadership and policy makers to integrate mental health services in primary health care.